Division of Maranoa

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Australian House of Representatives Division
Division of Maranoa in Queensland, as of the 2019 federal election
MPDavid Littleproud
PartyLiberal National
NamesakeMaranoa River
Electors117,284 (2022)
Area729,897 km2 (281,814.8 sq mi)
Electorates around Maranoa:
Kennedy Kennedy Capricornia, Flynn
Lingiari (NT) Maranoa Wide Bay, Blair, Groom
Grey (SA) New England (NSW), Page (NSW) Wright

The Division of Maranoa is an Australian electoral division in Queensland.

Maranoa extends across the Southern Outback and is socially conservative.[1] In the 2016 and 2019 federal elections, Pauline Hanson's One Nation finished ahead of Labor on preference count, reaching a peak in 2016 with 17.82% of the primary vote.[1]

Maranoa is a stronghold for the Liberal National Party of Queensland. The current MP is David Littleproud, former Minister of Agriculture and current leader of the National Party.


Since 1984, federal electoral division boundaries in Australia have been determined at redistributions by a redistribution committee appointed by the Australian Electoral Commission. Redistributions occur for the boundaries of divisions in a particular state, and they occur every seven years, or sooner if a state's representation entitlement changes or when divisions of a state are malapportioned.[2]


The Maranoa River, the division's namesake

The division was proclaimed in 1900, and was one of the original 65 divisions to be contested at the first federal election. It is named after the Maranoa River, which runs through the division. Located in the mostly rural southwestern portion of the state, towns located in Maranoa include Charleville, Cunnamulla, Dalby, Roma, Kingaroy, Stanthorpe, Winton and Warwick.

Maranoa is a comfortably safe seat for The Nationals; it was the first Queensland seat won by that party. Originally a safe Labor seat, it has been in National hands for all but three years since a 1921 by-election, and without interruption since 1943. Maranoa was taken by the then-Country Party in 1943 despite a landslide Labor victory nationally—one of only seven seats won by the Country Party. At the 2016 and 2019 federal elections, One Nation overtook Labor for second place after preferences were distributed.

Presently, Maranoa is the Coalition's safest seat; Littleproud sits on a majority of 22 percent against One Nation and 25 percent against Labor. As of 2022 this is the only Federal seat won by the government from Labor in a by-election in over 100 years.

The seat was nicknamed the 'Kingdom of Maranoa' by John Howard after it returned the highest 'No' vote in the 1999 referendum on Australia becoming a republic. The seat's then MP, Bruce Scott, put the result down to the electorate being "well informed".[3] 24 years later, in the Indigenous Voice referendum, the seat would again return the highest 'No' vote against the proposition; earning it the new nickname 'The No Capital of Australia'.[4]


Image Member Party Term Notes
  Jim Page
Labor 30 March 1901
3 June 1921
Served as Chief Government Whip in the House under Fisher and Hughes. Died in office
  James Hunter
Country 30 July 1921
27 August 1940
Served as minister under Lyons. Retired
  Frank Baker
Labor 21 September 1940
21 August 1943
Lost seat
  Charles Adermann
Country 21 August 1943
10 December 1949
Transferred to the Division of Fisher
  Charles Russell
Country 10 December 1949
7 October 1950
Previously held the Legislative Assembly of Queensland seat of Dalby. Lost seat
  Independent 7 October 1950 –
28 April 1951
  Wilfred Brimblecombe
Country 28 April 1951
31 October 1966
  James Corbett
Country 26 November 1966
2 May 1975
  National Country 2 May 1975 –
19 September 1980
  Ian Cameron
National Country 18 October 1980
16 October 1982
  Nationals 16 October 1982 –
19 February 1990
  Bruce Scott
Nationals 24 March 1990
19 July 2010
Served as minister under Howard. Served as Deputy Speaker under Gillard, Rudd, Abbott and Turnbull. Retired
  Liberal Nationals 19 July 2010 –
9 May 2016
  David Littleproud
Liberal Nationals 2 July 2016
Served as minister under Turnbull and Morrison. Incumbent. Currently the leader of the National Party

Election results[edit]

2022 Australian federal election: Maranoa[5]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal National David Littleproud 52,382 56.26 +0.26
Labor Dave Kerrigan 14,236 15.29 −0.26
One Nation Mike Kelly 11,070 11.89 −2.73
United Australia Nathan McDonald 6,202 6.66 +3.03
Greens Ellisa Parker 4,533 4.87 +1.45
Shooters, Fishers, Farmers Malcolm Richardson 3,695 3.97 +3.97
Australian Federation Brett Tunbridge 997 1.07 +1.07
Total formal votes 93,115 96.64 +0.59
Informal votes 3,234 3.36 −0.59
Turnout 96,349 88.39 −3.54
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal National David Littleproud 67,153 72.12 −3.30
Labor Dave Kerrigan 25,962 27.88 +3.30
Liberal National hold Swing −3.30


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